How to Order

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There are one options to place your order:

1) E-mail Purchase Order You may send your order directly to our mailbox at by using format as shown as below.(You may just copy paste to your email composer)

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------------------------------------- TERMS & CONDITIONS -------------------------------------

1.Buyers are to be responsible for all purchase made here
2.Please check your size before ordering
3.Buyers need to pay the total amount within 3 days of order submission to secure order.No deposits accepted.
4.All payments must be cleared before spree due date. Late payment order will be listed in next batch pre-order.
5.If there happens to be mistakes in your lens prescription,money will be refunded if no stock available for replacement.
6.No refunds will be made once the lens is opened or broken during delivery.
7.Pre-order items arrive after 1 weeks upon submission. (*Please do not order if you not willing to wait )
8.Buyers bears the cost of return item .
9.Buyer shouldn't ask seller when the lens will arrive after spree was closed. It depends to the manufacturer and customs clearance to release the package .Please be patient